Common Causes of Spider Veins You Should Know About

Generally, several factors predispose you to have spider veins which are typically engorged and enlarged veins. For that reason, you should consult your care provider immediately after you start noting the appearance of spider veins so that they can determine the cause and offer the appropriate treatment. You can therefore work toward the spider veins New York treatment options available, especially if you got spider veins, to help reduce their appearance, thus improving your outlook and finding relief. Similarly, understanding the various causes of spider veins is essential to help prevent and reduce their progression. Some of the common causes of spider veins include:


Apart from hormonal changes that usually occur during pregnancy which also play an essential role in the formation of your spider veins, there are other routes through which pregnancy can result in the formation of spider veins. One of the most common causes of spider veins during pregnancy is weight gain which exerts pressure on the surrounding blood vessels and abdomen. Therefore, you are at a greater risk of developing spider veins during pregnancy.

Hormonal factors

Hormonal factors during menopause, puberty, or pregnancy increase your risk of developing spider veins. In most cases, changes in progesterone and estrogen levels are the key contributing factors. Similarly, using postmenopausal hormone replacement treatment also causes alterations in your hormonal levels, especially if you are taking the hormone-specific ones, and increases your chance of having spider veins.

Medical conditions

Usually, various medical conditions can cause spider veins. An example of a medical condition that increases your risk of developing spider veins includes blood clots that block blood flow in your veins resulting in phlebitis. Blood clots can also result in spider veins or liver damage. Therefore, if rosacea form on your skin usually presents as red and flushed, you should consult your care provider before serious complications arise because they often show you suffer from varicose veins or spider veins.


In most cases, the blood vessels found beneath the surface of your skin are usually sensitive and can easily break for several reasons. For instance, eyeglasses can break the blood capillaries around your cheek and nose. Similarly, wounds, skin surgery, scrubbing your face, and using some cosmetic products can damage your capillaries, thus forming spider veins.


You should be aware that some people are usually more vulnerable when it comes to the formation of broken capillaries. It is usually due to genes, especially if spider veins usually run in your family. Therefore, you are at a higher risk of developing them if you have a family history of spider veins. Most researchers have also proven that genetics is the primary cause of spider veins.

Even though spider veins are not medically dangerous, they lower your self-esteem and confidence because they usually alter your physical appearance. You should also be aware that they are usually age-related and can affect people of all ages but are more common in women. Therefore, if you have visible veins on your thighs or legs, your spider veins are impacting your outlook, and you have a branching pattern on your face, you should consult vein specialists at Upper East Side Cardiology for prompt diagnosis and treatment.