Liposphere Therapy

It’s difficult to find a woman or girl who is 100{6d511584488bbdbe3c98545e3861c528ef9cd09502d3909e0a9eabbf305c2604} happy with her appearance. Extra centimeters in the waist and hips, cellulite, and loose skin are problems at any age.

Today, cosmetology is increasingly using a holistic approach, not only aimed at eliminating visible imperfections. Physiological factors that cause cellulite, excess weight, and skin impairment are also taken into account. A real breakthrough in the field of aesthetic medicine is liposphere therapy — a methodology that has emerged through much love.

Liposphere therapy — a new method for body shaping

Swiss biochemist Michael Schmidt, the happy husband, and father of two beautiful boys owe its origin to this method. His wife, a former fashion model, fell into a deep depression after giving birth to twins Mathias and Gabeler. Her body was no longer as perfect as it had been until recently when she was so proud of it.

Her loving husband worked hard to help her regain her figure. Since 1986 he has studied various massage techniques, analyzed the results, and evaluated the firmness and intensity of the effect. This is how Lithosphere therapy was born, a method that combined roller massage and laser lipolysis with a wavelength of 1064 nm.

In 2021 the new apparatus technology was presented by the ROLSONE (РОЛСОН) brand after long tests of its effectiveness. The twin’s Gabeler and Mathias, sons of the legendary biophysicist and inventor Michael Schmidt, were directly involved in its introduction. They were able to draw on their family’s experience of how effective Liposphere therapy is and how it helps women achieve a beautiful figure and improve their psychological well-being.

How liposphere therapy works

The method is based on two types of action — mechanical and laser. The mechanical treatment is performed with a roller massager, which is in contact with mechanoreceptors and epidermal cells. It generates vibrations that spread into the deeper layers of the skin and partially reach the level of the muscle tissue.

Internally, the roller massage triggers an organic lipolysis reaction — a gradual evacuation of lipids from the fat cell into the intercellular space. The integrity of the cell is not compromised, and fatty acids are eliminated from the body naturally.

The laser works directly on fat cells (adipocytes) by increasing the permeability of their membranes. This is achieved through the parallel processes of lipolysis and lymphatic drainage.

The released fatty acids can no longer return to the cell, which means that the changes achieved remain stable at the end of the procedure, and after the procedure, the process does not stop but continues. Liposphere therapy only initiates physiological processes in the body, each subsequent session enhances the effect of the previous one.

What results can be expected from liposphere therapy

The method works simultaneously in several directions:

  • reduces body volume by reducing the percentage of fat in adipocytes;
  • stimulates the collagen synthesis processes in the skin
  • smoothes the skin surface and eliminates the orange peel skin;
  • increases skin tone fights skin laxity and ptosis;
  • improves metabolic processes in tissues;
  • draws out toxins and excess fluids.

In aesthetic medicine the technique is indicated for those who seek to:

to get rid of cellulite;

  • to recover the elasticity of the skin after weight loss or liposuction;
  • reduce inches in problem areas;
  • correct the figure by eliminating fatty deposits;
  • eliminate stretch marks, signs of gravitational ptosis, and skin atony;
  • get rid of edema.

Liposphere therapy is used in sports medicine for recovery after injuries and preparation for high loads. In phlebolymphology, the technique is used to create a lymphatic drainage effect and combat venous lymphatic insufficiency.

Now everyone can learn about Michael Schmidt’s development. Find out about LIPOSPHERE THERAPY in your city and book a trial treatment now.