Medicinal plants for Alzheimer’s disease

People now live longer, and the number of people with dementia grows at an alarming rate. Our findings indicate that traditional medicines will give new chemicals that can reduce the progression of Alzheimer’s disease director of the Alzheimer’s community researchers, says turmeric has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components to prevent Alzheimer’s disease in brain tissue.

Medical Cannabis, a small dose of Tetrahydrocannabinol compounds in cannabis plants. It turns out that compounds can slow the formation of amyloid plaques that kill brain cells

In a study published in the journal Pharmaceutical Biology, showed that extracts taken from the leaves, stems, and roots of Carpolobia lutea, can help protect the chemical messenger in the brain that serves for learning and memory. Researchers and drug companies are racing to find new treatments for this disorder and start looking for plant extracts as a potential source of new drugs. In patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other diseases such as Parkinson’s disease

It has the Latin name Curcuma Domestica, a medicinal plant of native Southeast Asia that can grow well in Indonesia. Based on research, the main chemical compounds contained in turmeric are essential oils. Essential oils in turmeric contain sesquiterpene alcohol compounds, touring-meron, and zingiberine. While Curcuminoid contains curcumin and derivatives compounds (yellow) which includes desmetoksi-curcumin and bidesmetoksikurkumin. In addition, turmeric also contains compounds gom, fat, protein, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. The secret of the benefits of turmeric as an Alzheimer’s healing herb is on yellow dye (curcumin) which has a function that plays an important role in treating various diseases. These compounds act as anti-tumor promoters, antioxidants, antimicrobials, anti-inflammatory and anti-virus and able to improve the immune system.

Turmeric is not just a kind of spice used for cooking, food coloring or cosmetics alone, stored tremendous efficacy in the turmeric rhizome, which can overcome Alzheimer’s disease or decline in brain function or dementia senility.

Take advantage of turmeric as a cure for Alzheimer’s disease that you complain, because in addition to very effective, turmeric is also easily obtained without having to spend a costly.

To cure Alzheimer’s disease, we can take advantage of natural materials that have provided nature and the environment around us. In addition to using turmeric, the skin of mangosteen fruit can also be used as an Alzheimer’s healer.