Usage of Weed

Nature hosts many cures for us, hiding in unlimited borders. We are also witnessing that those seeking healing in the land sometimes use this abuse. Weed is one of those plants.

Cannabis  is an annual plant species of the Cannabaceae family.

The weed is the oldest plant raw material source of human history, the fibers in the stalks are used for making yarn, weaving and fabric, and the pulp is used for making paper. The motherland is Central Asia. Growing and culturing in temperate and tropical regions. Hard, fruity, hull hollow, palmat leaf, dioik and single year. The fibers are durable and quite elongated. When the lignin substance accumulates in the fibers, the elasticity property decreases. Leaves are used in health and cosmetics. The seed is used as food in terms of being oil and being very nutritious in terms of being quite oily. Cannabis sativa is the type used for the body oil and fiber. Cannabis indica is the type used for health reasons.

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