6 Tips for Increased Erection

For men, the penis may be called one of the most cared for organs. Not infrequently men feel less confident when they encounter problems with their penis, including erection problems. Although most men, in the age range of 20-39 years, according to the study, do not have erectile problems, the rest proved problematic. In fact, according to research in the American Journal of Medicine, only 20 percent of men aged 40-59 years who have no problems with erections during sex. But, don’t be happy first. Because we never know when to experience the ‘nightmare’. Just in case, here are 6 tips to always get an erection during sex.

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Go to the gym

Blood flow is the key to healthy erections. And the best way to encourage blood flow is exercise. Because, not just maintaining fitness, exercise also builds nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps maintain erections.

Avoid cigarettes

Because smoking causes impotence, interferes with erectile strength, and also penis size. Besides damaging the blood vessels, smoking can damage to a penile tissue, making it less elastic and inhibiting stretching.

Avoid diabetes

Diabetes can be the root of the problem of erectile dysfunction experienced by men. In fact, more than 50 percent of diabetic men experience this. Diabetes speeds up the process of arterial disease, and slows the transmission of stimuli along the nerves throughout the body. Therefore, keep your diet to avoid diabetes before late. If it’s too late, check your blood sugar and immediately consult a doctor.


Start running frequently from now on. Because walking, which includes physical activity, reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction. For 20 minutes jogging or 30 minutes of weight training can also be useful. The more you exercise, the healthier, cleaner, and keep your erection awake.

Sleep enough

Don’t underestimate sleep, because it helps erection. Every night when you sleep, at least you will experience an erection between 3-5 hours. At that time, erection works to replenish the penis, keeping it good. Theoretically, the more nocturnal erections they have, the more flexible the erectile network is. And that can help keep erections strong.