Body Weight and its healthy maintenance are not as easy as it seems. Especially if your weight is more than it should be. Losing weight is a hectic task but BritainReviews makes it easy for you. We are here for your search for healthy meals for weight loss companies.

There are many ways to lose weight. homemade drinks are one of them and the best part is by using homemade drinks you are not exposing your body to any unhealthy things. These drinks are made up of natural food items that we usually consume and are safe and healthy. An honorary mention to water before going towards other drinks as drinking a healthy amount of water can not only improve functions of your body but also help in maintaining a healthy weight and cut fats from your body.

Green Tea:

One can’t talk about weight loss without talking about green tea. As it’s associated with health for all the good reasons. It helps in reducing weight as it carries caffeine and antioxidants. And on top of everything green tea is research certified in decreasing body fats. So here is a recipe for green tea from our cookbook.


  • Water 2 cup
  • Mint leaves 6 to 7
  • Green tea leaves 1 tbsp.
  • Lime 1


Add water and mint leaves in a utensil. Boil it for 6 min now switch the gas off and add tea leaves let them soak for a few minutes. Remove the leaves, pour them in a cup and drink while hot.

Apple Cider Vinegar drinks

Another effective drink is apple cider vinegar. It contains a key ingredient acetic acid to weight loss. Acetic acid helps in reducing weight by improving metabolism, it also decreases insulin levels, and in this way curb cravings. A study recently found that vinegar slows down the rate of food empties and makes food stay in your stomach a little longer. A warning, consuming a high amount of acetic acid can result in eroding of teeth and heartburn.


  • Frozen berries 2 tbsp.
  • Lemon juice 1 tbsp.
  • apple cider vinegar 1 spoon
  • Ice and water


Add berries in a cup and mash them by spoon. Add apple cider vinegar and lemon juice in a cup. You can add honey if you like sweet drinks. Now add some ice and fill the cup with water. Mix it for a good one minute and it’s ready to drink.

Ginger lemon water

Ginger is a flavor full root that we mostly add in dishes to increase flavor. But this root also helped in weight loss as it reverses those symptoms that prevent people from losing weight. Here a recipe for your cookbook.


  • Water 1 cup
  • Roasted cumin powder ¾ tsp
  • lime juice 1 tsp
  • ginger root 1 inch


Make small pieces of ginger. Put it in the blender, add water and blend it until smooth. Power it in the glass and lemon juice and roasted cumin powder. Mix it well before drinking.

Enjoy healthy drinks and make yourself fit.