4 Ways Your Car’s Condition May Affect Your General Wellbeing

Talking about climate change, your vehicles play a huge role in it. And since climate change is one of the many environmental factors that affect both social and general welfare then by transitivity, your cars play a huge role towards health.

Using the opinions shared on Collected.Reviews about cars and car dealers online, the following are a few ways your car’s condition may affect your general wellbeing.

1.     Economic Factors:

Your vehicle has value and so is subject to economic factors such as inflation. Although no used car ever maintains the same value as when first purchased, there are still significant advantages to keeping your car in great shape aside from the face value. One of these advantages is the reduced cost of maintenance and repairs and another is the reduction in risks of hazards and accidents. If your car is mismanaged or misused, the results do not only extend to cost as it affects your general wellbeing but also to the functionalities of your car.

2.     Social Factors:

A car is not just a car; the sooner you realize this, the better. From the interior to the exterior, cars define our social lives. Indeed, cars offer social values by serving as a reflection of our homes and comfort zones. Ever witnessed a gathering of friends where everyone comes with their cars? You would notice the poorly used cars and owners might feel a bit disengaged from the rest. This is because the car tends to be unique from the rest, extending from its shape to defining its owner. That stated, it is true that what you drive determines how socially driven you are and therefore informs your car care and attention.

3.     Environmental Factors:

Pollution is one of the problems confronting the modern world and motor vehicles are said to contribute about 75{6d511584488bbdbe3c98545e3861c528ef9cd09502d3909e0a9eabbf305c2604} of carbon monoxide pollution in the United States according to the EPA. Pollution is closely related to climate change whose consequences may be seen in intense drought, heatwaves, rising sea levels, and direct harm to animals. Eventually, no one is safe when global warming calls; not even the cat owners. To prevent this, car owners will need to practice eco-sufficiency by keeping their cars clean and well managed, and by patronizing products that are eco-friendly.

4.     Psychological Factors:

A faulty car will most likely lead to mental health problems due to the cost involved than a well-managed car. Yet, keeping a car managed is a conscious decision that every car owner needs to make. To prevent depression associated with finances, you need to keep your cars managed. Begin with a routine check, check and change the oil regularly, examine, clean, and repack, and modify changes where and when necessary.


The condition of your car reflects your condition. It tells a lot about you and your type of person. It depicts your home zone and comfort zone which in return dictates your general wellbeing.