Best medical infertility treatment

The question of infertility treatment is the factor of particular importance. You need to consider the huge variety of aspects to find your ideal clinic. ADONIS medical group of companies is the medical establishment that conquered the market and remains the most technological clinic for the needs of clients.

Plastic Surgery, Dentistry,Stem Cells therapy, Check-ups, Surgery, Operative treatment and Pediatrics – the full range of medical services for your health. ADONIS Fertility is the branch of a particular pride. We care about the reproductive system of people for more than 23 years and are not intending to rest on the laurels. Continued improvement is our goal.

ADONIS Fertility clinic Ukraine has created the ideal conditions for your treatment process within variety of medical care directions:

  • IVF
  • Surrogacy
  • Prenatal care
  • Delivery

Every direction is accompanied by the wide range of services, which are detailed by specialists and the newest equipment. 24/7 care and support, whenever you are, you can rely on the ADONIS staff expertise.

In the course of medical care, ADONIS utilizes only high technological equipment, which are certified and approved. ADONIS’ own embryo laboratory is the ideal illustration of safety and innovation perfection.

We provide the full continuum of reproductive health treatment diagnostic:

  • Male/Female infertility diagnostic
  • ADONIS own cryobank (male/female gametes, embryos, sperm/ovum donors’ storage)
  • Andrology (spermogram, HB/ROS-tests, MAR-test, TESE procedure, sperm preparation for fertilization)

The diagnostic plan that is individualized for your needs is the right path to the successful infertility treatment results. ADONIS embryo laboratory is the right start of your happy life.

Professional approach with worldwide experience 

ADONIS Fertility clinic Ukraine in Kyiv is known for the painstakingly selected medical staff with the professionals of worldwide level. Every patient has an opportunity to find out all information about medical doctors, whether on ADONIS website or individual consultation. We believe that personal approach is the keystone for the clients’ calmness, that’s why everyone can choose the specialist to which they are predisposed. The main thing remains unchanged – you are always under the professional eye of skilled staff. Our doctors are in constant cooperation with international colleagues, ensuring their constant growth.

In ADONIS, we adhere to several canons, that make our reputation of recognized healthcare establishment:

  • Medical high level competence
  • Skilled staff
  • The latest equipment and facilities
  • All around care and control
  • The integrity of legal side
  • Individual approach to every case

The ideal combination leads to professional service that we provide in ADONIS.

If you want to have the best medical infertility treatment – ADONIS Fertility clinic Ukraine is your choice. The choice of happy parents and healthy children.